TAXI - Sandals - Pompeii White

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The perfect sandal for an evening !
  • Height: Heel 9cm  for a glamorous evening ... all comfort
  • Height: 4.5cm tray for a better stability during a dance party
  • Camber : 4.5cm
  • Exterior: 100% metallic lambskin leather
  • Insole and lining: 100% goat leather
  • Outsole: 100% calf leather

Your messages of love ... ❤️

I'm too excited. I love my wedding shoes, didn't hurt my feet all day long! My favorite disco dancing shoes ! When the photos are ready, I'm gonna show you ❤️


A word from Paule

TAXI as in Taxi Driver and the red platforms worn by Jodie Foster ♥️

TAXI is inspired by the New York of the disco era, but also by the
90's, when I was a teenager and the 70's came back with a vengeance and marked my taste forever.

When I was 17, knowing my obsession with shoes and more particularly platforms, my mother's cousin, who was 1.54m tall, gave me 3 pairs of platform sandals, very high and carefully kept since the real 70's: one of the best gifts I ever received! There was a pair in white patent, one in gold lamé and one completely psychedelic... I wore them proudly from the age of 17 to 19 and then kept them carefully. They are still part of my collection.

The TAXI Nomasei are not as high because I'm not
17 anymore, times have changed, I don't want or wish any woman to have to wear 6 inch platforms to feel strong or hot. They are, however, high enough to ensure a wow effect, have a low enough arch and are stable enough to be worn all day or all night without pain or loss of balance - unless you've been drinking!


Like all our models, TAXI also meets our requirements in terms of quality and controlled impact.