Molly & Reese x Nomasei

Nomasei unveils its responsible collaboration with two new versions of its NONO moccasin co-created with Molly and Reese Blutstein. Molly and Reese are the Atlanta twins known as @double3xposure and @accidentalinfluencer on Instagram.

responsible collaboration

This collaboration was born out of a mutual love affair. Molly and Reese have loved and worn the black leather Nono moccasin for a year now, almost every day, both for its style and comfort. For our part, we've been following the twins since their beginnings, long before Nomasei, for their sense of image as well as for their sharp and playful universe. 

This eight-handed co-creation is also a responsible collaboration to spread an ethical message through the influence and credibility of Molly and Reese. We shared the long process behind the creation of a pair of luxury shoes with its 80 necessary manufacturing steps as well as our know-how and strict ethical operating mode.