Lucy Folk x Nomasei

This summer Nomasei is teaming up with the beautiful Australian brand Lucy Folk to create 3 special versions of its Hôtel de la Plage mule!

We fly to Bondi Beach with Lucy Folk. This lifestyle brand draws its inspiration from travel, art, design, well-being, seaside living and its endless ocean landscapes. The image, the inspirations and the values ​​of Lucy Folk combining perfectly with those of Nomasei, we welcomed with great enthusiasm their proposal to revisit our Hôtel de la Plage model in their colors.

This collaboration is a concentrate of summer and sweetness with the roses so dear to Lucy Folk and the terracotta color that we share. These 3 exclusive versions named Blush, Ecru and Terracotta, evoke the foam of the waves breaking on the red rocks of Australia, the hot sand, the sunsets over the sea.