WHISPER - Over the knee boots - Pompeii White

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The chic, glamorous and casual thigh-high that fits all body types!
  • Heel Height 6 cm stable and comfortable ideal for all occasions ... all comfort
  • Exterior: 100% stretch lambskin leather
  • Lining: 100% cotton stretch
  • Insole: 100% goat leather
  • Outsole: 100% calf leather
  • Coated heels: 100% lambskin leather
  • The insole is cushioned with memory foam for all-day comfort. 
How do you choose your size?
The WHISPER thigh-high boots are designed like a sock to fit the foot and leg perfectly. The shoe has almost no reinforcement, which is why we advise you totake half a size smaller than your normal size, so that your foot is perfectly supported.
It has been designed to fit the widest range of body types, from the slimmest to the most rounded of legs. This is made possible by the highly elastic stretch material which expands 20% more than the average stretch leather.
For any further information, you can write to us: marine@nomasei.com
36 5 3/4 3.5
36,5 6 3.5
37 6 1/2 4
37,5 7 4.5
38 7 1/4 5
38,5 7 1/2 5.5
39 8 5.5
39,5 8 1/2 6
40 9 6.5
40,5 9 1/2 7
41 9 3/4 7.5
41,5 10  7.5
42 11 8

Whisper is manufactured in our Italian factory in the village of Montopoli. Like all our other models, all the elements that make up Whisper have been sourced locally 40km from our factory.

Whisper's leather comes from France and has been tanned in Italy in a tannery specialising in high quality lambs. It is lined with a stretch cotton which gives it great elasticity according to a technique developed by this tannery.

Your messages of love ... ❤️

And today in whisper, they are so nice and soft on the skin. I love them and don't regret them!


The Whisper boots arrived and they're absolutely gorgeous - butter soft and so comfortable.

Thank You !


I had the great joy, when I came back from my day, to find my Whispers! I will have only one word to describe them: sublime. 

A word from Paule

Introducing WHISPER, the Nomasei thigh-high boots, a symbol of chic, glamorous and casual intimacy, yes, all three at the same time!
This thigh-high boot, whose name means "whisper", frees itself from the obvious fantasies that are generally attributed to it... Its shape, its second skin leather and its stable heel keep vulgarity away forever ;)
To confess to you all, WHISPER was born from a very personal desire to wear thigh-high boots without feeling vulgar or chosified, but on the contrary, to feel beautiful, comfortable and at ease, even though I don't necessarily have "thigh-high legs" at

So I designed and developed it to suit different body types and it works! We don't have to be models to wear them and that's good news!


Like all our models, WHISPER also meets our requirements in terms of quality and controlled impact.

Unforgettable & Romantic

With a flowing tunic or dress, unforgettable, grand for a winter wedding


In white or black, with a look that shows them off without stealing your thunder (never forget that you are the one who shines)

You don't have to be a model to wear WHISPER!

It has been cleverly designed to fit all our complexes: knees too round, calves too muscular, ankles too thick, thighs overflowing, X-shaped legs, etc... we all know them because we are two very imperfect women ;)

To prove it to you, we have played the game of showing off our flaws in the WHISPER. Marine thinks her calves are too thick and I (Paule) think my knees are too round, but we accept each other because we have no time to lose by devaluing ourselves for an "accident of DNA"... Each one has its morphology, it's up to us to adapt to it.

How to measure your legs?

Measure your legs and if you have any doubts, write us! We will guide you to choose your size!


Height: 163cm-64.2inch / Size: 36/ Thigh length: 46cm-19inch

Knee length 39cm-15.5inch / Calf length 38cm-15inch

Ankle circumference 21.5cm-8.5inch


Height: 165cm-65inch/ Size: 37.5/ Thigh circumference 44cm-17.5inch

Knee length 37cm-14.5inch / Calf length 34cm-13.5inch

Ankle circumference 20cm-7.9inch

We also invited a few clients and friends, each with a different body type and age. They posed with courage because it takes courage when you are not a model! Finally, the most important thing is that they did it with their own style: from the office to the evening dress to the bride!


Height: 160cm - 62.99 inch / Size: 39/

Thigh size 51cm - 20.07 inch

Knee length 45cm - 17.71inch / Calf length 39cm - 15.35 inch

Ankle circumference 22cm-8.65inch


Height: 163cm-64inch / Size: 37.5/ Thigh circumference 41cm- 16.15inch

Knee length 34.5cm-13.6inch / Calf length 34.5-13.6inch

Ankle circumference 20.5cm-8inch


Height: 171cm-67.3inch / Size: 37.5/ Thigh length 36cm-14.17inch

Knee length 33.5cm-13.18inch / Calf length 33cm-13inch

Ankle circumference 21cm-8.25inch


Height: 160cm-63inch / Size: 37/ Thigh length: 48cm-18.9inch

Knee length 36cm-14.17inch / Calf length 36.5cm-14.37inch

Ankle circumference 22cm-8.65inch