BIRDIE - Sandals - Silver

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The comfortable sandal that makes you feel free as a bird! 
  • Heel height 3.5 cm very stable and comfortable ideal for everyday ... all comfort
  • Exterior: 100% metallic calf leather
  • Insole and lining: 100% goat leather. 
  • Outsole: 100% metallic calf leather
  • Wrapped heels: 100% metallic calf leather
  • The insole is padded with memory foam   guaranteeing greater comfort for an entire day. 
A word from Paule

BIRDIE, whose lines draw a bird's wing on the foot, delicately evokes freedom, the air, the sea and our non-violent fight for a better world.
BIRDIE is inspired by the birds of the seas and oceans, those that live close to the coasts, that fly over us, free, and that announce to the sailors the dry land and the return home. BIRDIE does not damage this land, this home, our planet, because it is made in a responsible, reasonable and respectful way for the environment and for people.